Vocational Assessment Services

10-Day Situational Assessment: The 10-day situational assessment is a process which assesses vocational capabilities and limitations.

Individuals are placed on a diverse number of tasks allowing for observation and documentation in areas such as: ability to stay on task, adjustment to change, attendance and punctuality, capacity for learning, decision-making and problem -solving, endurance, interpersonal skills, organization, performance consistency, production rate, self-care, and work quality.

This evaluation is used to determine the scope of services needed to assist an individual in becoming vocationally successful.

Work Adjustment Training: Following completion of a10-day situational assessment, the work adjustment training program utilizes vocational counseling in conjunction with vocational activities to assist individuals in understanding the requirements and demands of work.

The primary focus of the training process is to modify or develop appropriate attitudes, behavior, and work habits prior to entry into the job market. The program is also beneficial for individuals preparing to return to competitive employment following illness or injury.

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