Brooke Industries, Inc. provides programs and services to individuals 16 years of age or older with an AODA, Brain Injury/Neurological Impairment, Developmental Disability, or Mental Health diagnosis.

Agencies such as a local Aging and Disability Resource Center administer the Long-Term Care Functional Screen to assess an individual's level of need for services and eligibility for long-term care benefits.


Brooke Industries, Inc. contracts with various funding sources including: County and State agencies, managed care organizations, and school districts. In addition, fees may be covered by insurance companies and Worker's Compensation. A self-pay funding option is also available for our programs and services.

Our contractual partnerships include the following agencies and/or programs:

Brooke Industries, Inc. always welcomes the opportunity to partner with new programs and funding agencies.

Visit our Contact Us page to request additional information about Eligibility and Funding for our programs. For further inquiries, please call 920-924-3020.